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MRI Accessories:

MRI Accessories

Whether you are looking for an easy-to-use clinical turnkey solution, a versatile research system, or both, the fMRI Hardware System meets the requirements of all users. Our hardware system offers a fully integrated solution for auditory and visual stimulus presentation, response collection and experiment synchronization.


InroomViewing Device

MRI compatible monitor for fMRI, patient comfort and instant feedback.

NordicNeuroLab 40” 4K UHD InroomViewingDevice was designed with the idea of providing the optimal MRI compatible monitor that could satisfy the needs from both clinical fMRI users and advanced scientific applications. And we have succeeded!


VisualSystem is a flexible and convenient solution for presenting high-quality visual stimuli in the MR scanner. The system is easy to install and operate and is compatible with most head coils. With 3D capabilities and integrated diopter correction, the NNL VisualSystem is the superior solution for both clinical and research MR facilities. The VisualSystem is also available with an integrated EyeTracking Camera.



AudioSystem is a sophisticated, high-precision solution for research and clinical fMRI. Its state-of-theart

electrostatic headphones with flat frequency response together with the user-friendly communication console allow the user to effortlessly present and control audio stimulation presented to the patient.



ResponseGrip is a fiber-optic subject response device developed to satisfy the requirements of clinical and research users. Ergonomically designed for use in either hand, the ResponseGrip is suitable for a wide range of experimental paradigms. The ResponseGrip is compatible with all leading software packages for stimulus presentation.



SyncBox provides an elegant solution for interfacing the MR scanner with the stimulus presentation PC. The SyncBox is compatible with all MR scanners and leading stimulus presentation software packages.