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Module Highlights

The ACQUIRE module functions independently of any other licenses, allowing you to record data on one workstation and process data on another.

Highlights include:

The SIGNAL PROCESSING license includes SCAN’s signal processing transforms as well as many more advanced signal processing tools based on CURRY’s more complex data processing module. Virtually, signal processing is performed “in place”, without the necessity of creating intermediary files. Functions of this module include all of the online features mentioned above including:

Please see the Acquisition and Signal Processing brochure for more details.

The BASIC SOURCE AND IMAGE ANALYSIS license allows for import of structural data sets and provides dipole solutions based on spherical or the included averaged head models.

The BASIC AND ADVANCED SOURCE AND IMAGE ANALYSIS license incorporates all the functionality of the BASIC SOURCE ANALYSIS license, and adds current density and distributed source models to the source reconstruction tools.

Highlights include:

This license can also function independently for co-registration and segmentation of structural data including CT based grid localization and mapping onto MRI data.

For more detail, please see the Basic and Advanced Source and Imaging Analysis brochure .

The NETWORK licenseallows multiple computers to access a single license dongle and use any available CURRY Neuroimaging Suite module. A license dongle with all features can be shared over a local area network (LAN) and could then allow one computer to acquire data, another to conduct signal processing and a third to process structural data.

The MAINTENANCE license provides a simple and convenient way to ensure your CURRY Neuroimaging Suite maintenance is up to date. This includes access to online updates of the software, technical support, web tutorials and on-line training.


Download Curry 7 Highlights flyer (PDF 825 KB)


Download Curry 7 Acquire and Signal Processing Licenses brochure

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Download Curry 7 Basic and Advanced Source and Image Analysis brochure

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