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The Challenge

 Understanding pain is a vital element in the practice of medicine and in important medical-related research, such as pharmacology. Understanding, assessing, measuring and documenting pain response is critical in understanding underlying metabolic processes and disease mechanisms.

The Pain Pathway

 Thermal testing is essential in the scientific evaluation of small-caliber A-Delta & C-Fibers, the primary transmitters of thermal and pain sensation. Quantitative Sensory Testing (QST), widely regarded as the “Gold Standard” of thermal testing, is the only test that quantitatively assesses function of somatic small fibers – from peripheral receptors through their central nervous system connections, which constitute The Pain Pathway.

Applying Medoc Solutions in Pain Research

 Medoc’s thermal sensory analyzers and advanced pain stimulator systems are capable of documenting indications of neural injury and disorders that indicate quantitative evidence of CNS & PNS pathologies. Armed with this documentation, researchers will establish the foundation for development of specific, early medical interventions, such as medications, blocks and myeloscopy.


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