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InroomViewing Device

MRI compatible monitor for fMRI, patient comfort and instant feedback

NordicNeuroLab 40” 4K UHD InroomViewingDevice was designed with the idea of providing the optimal MRI compatible monitor that could satisfy the needs from both clinical fMRI users and advanced scientific applications. And we have succeeded!

With its slim design, high definition 40” display and superior picture quality, the InroomViewingDevice is the optimal choice for an easy to use alternative to conventional projectors or goggle based image delivery systems.

The innovative, front-facing camera provides an uninterrupted patient surveillance during the examination, and thanks to the built-in USB hub, connecting patient communication and interface device is now extremely easy.

The low weight and height adjustable mobile foot stand allows easy positioning of the monitor anywhere in the MRI room. The monitor can also be ceiling mounted (through 3rd party).

For instant feedback, the InroomViewingDevice facilitates the examination process by allowing the operating personnel to remain inside the examination room during procedures, thus allowing uninterrupted patient care and quick response time, which significantly improves clinical workflow.

Our clinical users are impressed with the flexibility that the InroomViewingDevice offers, not only for fMRI but also for patient comfort and MRI therapeutic procedures. Our research users can take fully control of the monitor and benefit from the high quality specifications.

The brand new, stunning 40" 4K UHD InroomViewingDevice designed to provide

optimal MRI compatible monitor that satisfies the needs of both clinical and

advanced scientific applications!

Clinical fMRI applications

Easy installation, easy set-up and ease of use

Scientific fMRI applications

High contrast, high resolution, high accuracy

Comfort your patients during MRI scans

Reduce drop-out, reduce use of sedatives and improve experience

Offer instant feedback during MRI procedures

Optimization and improved workflow

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