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Grael 32-channel EEG/ERP Amplifier

Over 20 years of experience in designing PSG and EEG amplifiers, including the highly successful E-Series, has culminated in Grael – Compumedics’ most technologically advanced amplifier yet, and the worlds’s first High Definition PSG amplifier.

Even though this amplifier was originally designed for clinical labs, this amplifier is very well suited for EEG and ERP research. With 32 channels for EEG, 8 bipolar inputs and 8 High Level Inputs, this amplifier can be used in a wide range of applications. From standard ERP research to more advanced recordings where additional parameters such as EMG, ECG etc. are required.

A single IP connection to the Grael amplifier provides both power and data transmission, making it very easy to set up the system at different locations in your department.

Recording of the data is done within the Curry 7 Acquisition software and allows full control over your recording.