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Electric Signal Imaging

128 and 256 High-Resolution EEG/EP Systems

ESI is a powerful and flexible system for measurement and analysis of high-resolution electroencephalography (EEG), evoked potential (EP) and event-related potential (ERP) signals. The system builds upon the foundation of a number of advanced components designed and built by Neuroscan specifically for EEG/EP research applications.

The ESI system is designed to provide the foundation for high-density recording with the intent of conducting advanced analysis and source localization on the data. ESI systems are the state-of-the- art in high density EEG and EP recordings and provide an ideal platform for source localization.

ESI includes all the elements that you will need to measure EEG/ERP, perform advanced analysis of the complete data set, make statistical comparisons between individuals orgroups and present the results as annotated signal plots or topographic/tomographic maps in a realsitic 3D context.


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