Comprehensive, Network-Linked Amplifier System for Sleep/EEG.


Comprehensive, Network-Linked Amplifier System for Sleep


The E-Series is a fully digital amplifier system with a standard network interface that is compatible with most current personal computers. With 32, 44 or 64 channel configurations, these amplifier systems are appropriate for both full sleep and EEG data collection.

Now, for sophisticated diagnostic recordings, you can really have it all.

In the modern medical community, computer networks are becoming more sophisticated and prevalent. Compumedics has now developed a physiological amplifier that is built for the new age, designed to help your sleep and/or EEG lab take full advantage of high-speed computer networks. The Compumedics E-Series.

Integrated TCP/IP architecture allows control and/or monitoring of E-Series amplifiers on the laboratory LAN from any computer on the network.

Monitor E-Series systems from your lab, your office, or even from remote sites. Easy lab installation; simply plug the E-Series into a network port, hub or switch and load the software.

Your System is Your Network.


Features & Benefits

The E-Series is one of the most powerful and flexible physiological amplifier systems available today.

For combined Sleep and EEG applications, the E-Series EEG/PSG is an extremely versatile amplifier system:

With 57 total available signals, the E-Series EEG/PSG is perfect for all types of recordings.

Integrated impedance testing and display

Ethernet 10-base-T connection


Enhance the use of the e-series with the advanced Compumedics Digital Video Software

Fully integrated into the network, high resolution streaming video is also available. Watch waveforms and video simultaneously over the high speed LAN. Compumedics Digital Video software utilizes network optimised MPEG-4 compression and is fully configurable for image size, frame rate storage and audio synchronization. Additional video features included pin-point area zooming, pan within the image frame and frame by  frame advance


For more information, see Digital Video PSG


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