Comprehensive, Network-Linked Amplifier System for Sleep/EEG.


Presenting Compumedics' E-Series Digital EEG (Electroencephalograph) System for clinical

and research applications.

The Compumedics E-Series Digital EEG System is an integrated package of highly advanced systems for digital EEG monitoring and testing, sleep studies and synchronous video/data recording. The E-Series EEG System was developed in close collaboration with neurologists and physicians who had extensive practical experience in neurology and epilepsy monitoring.

 The system's highly functional features offer outstanding performance for the busy clinic (routine EEG), the long term epilepsy ward as well as pre-surgical assessment.  E-series has the scope to satisfy the most demanding clinical and research requirements. For example, there are a number of advanced facilities for performing spectral analysis, brain mapping and optional spike and seizure detection software.

The E-Series EEG System has been made highly flexible so it not only has the scope to satisfy today's requirements but will also evolve to meet future demands. The easy-to-use software operates on Windows NT, 98 and 2000.



The E-Series Digital EEG System features Advanced Concepts and Superior Performance:

Some Key Features


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