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Digital Video for Sleep/PSG


Compumedics is recognized around the world as a leader in integrating leading edge technologies into it’s clinical systems.

Examples of Compumedics’ world leading technologies include: Siesta, the world’s first ambulatory physiological data recorder utilizing a Real-Time Wireless Ethernet Link for data transmission. The e-Series amplifier system offers up to 57 channels of physiological data acquisition linked to the computer network with an integrated multi-cast TCP/IP link.

Now, Compumedics Digital Video has been added to this superior product line up.

Digital Video was designed as a plug-in software module to add synchronized digital video capabilities for these and other Compumedics systems. As with all Compumedics products, Digital Video has been developed to take full advantage of the absolute latest network and software technologies in order to offer the customer a finely tuned, 32 bit application. This software product integrates seamlessly with Compumedics EEG and PSG data collection and review software packages.

The latest in Software Compression Technology

Compumedics Digital Video software is designed to take full advantage of the latest in video compression technologies to ensure accurate image reproduction with the lowest data storage overhead possible. The MPEG-4 CODEC, a compression technique optimized for smooth network functionality, was chosen as the best format for transmitting video images over a LAN or WAN and for Multicast Viewing.

Multicast allows viewing of the video data over the network on multiple computers simultaneously. And, because MPEG-4 is a software compressor, special processing cards are not required to be installed in the computer.

With a consistent and stable platform for recording video data in place, Compumedics has developed multiple user interfaces for reviewing the data.

The interface is designed to include review and control features that are of specific importance for each application.


32 Bit Network Performance


Unparalleled Record/Review Features


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Digital Video