Digi-One™ Portable

Digi-One™ True light weight, most portable, digital transcranial Doppler (TCD) model, less than: 1 Kg!

Rimed is proud to present its 7th generation TCD product the Digi-One™ the the most portable TCD to carry with you anywhere you go. The Digi-One™ can be connected to any Windows based PC.

Digi-One™ is offered in one main cinfigurations:


Digi-One™ provides a complete diagnostic solution for the modern Neurosonology or Neurovascular laboratory.

Digi-One™ measures the blood flow velocity in the main arteries of the brain, non-invasively, facilitating the detection of stenosis and emboli flowing in the blood stream.

Digi-One™ Key Features & Benefits

                - Summary Screen enabling the immediate comparison between the right and the left sides of the brain.

                - Final Patient Report includes several segments and provides a detailed and customizable                  comprehensive "picture" for the referring physician.

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