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To determine with certainty

Compumedics has developed a powerful EMG platform to provide electromyographers the quality you expect and the flexibility you demand at an affordable price.

This unique open architecture design will allow you to build an EMG instrument to meet your special requirements. This instrument is comfortable in any environment, from the electromyographer on the go to the demands of a high-volume hospital laboratory.

No Compromises

We understand that there are five main criteria you evaluate when making your decision to acquire new EMG instrumentation. Each of these criteria is essential to performing EMG testing to the highest standard and each of these criteria have been incorporated into every EMG product we develop.

Open Architecture Design

Unlike embedded EMG systems, the Comperio was designed with the future in mind. Our hardware incorporates the “plug and play” philosophy that has become standard in the computing industry. When it’s time to upgrade your instrument’s computing capabilities simply plug your EMG instrument into a new computing platform! This allows your EMG system to expand with the growth in computing technology, rather than be limited by it.

Automatic Patient Report Generator

As you perform your tests on the patient all collected data is automatically compiled into a tabular format.

Reports are clear, concise and professional.

The ComperioDQ uses Microsoft Word to complete the report. This allows you all the features such as Auto-Text, Voice Dictation, and macros tools, to make reporting easier and faster that ever before.

Windows XP Platform

The Windows XP platform provides the electromyographer with an instant sense of familiarity. This platform also enables you to take advantage of the myriad of commercially available software applications that operate with Windows technology. This provides you with the opportunity to cut, paste, copy, send, and transfer data and graphics.

After you take a few minutes to write down your EMG requirements, contact Compumedics or look us up on the Web. An EMG consultant will assist you in finding the perfect match for your needs at the perfect price.

Technical Specifications

Channels: 2


Stimulators: 1

Data Acquisition:

System Architecture:

Standard Software Applications:

Optional Software Applications:


Available options

We are committed to providing innovative products for the electromyographer. The unique design considerations of the ComperioDQ when combined with outstanding applications programming makes the ComperioDQ a leader in EMG instrumentation. At Compumedics, we are committed to total product quality. This includes setting the highest standards in customer service and technical support!

tests.gif report.gif finalreport.gif

The user can select which tests from the current study to include in the report.

The user can select a report template to use for each test, or setup a default template for each of the test types.

The final report supports free text entry including standard word processing functionality all from within ComperioDQ

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