USB Response Pad

NEW millisecond accurate USB response pad

It doesn't matter which experiment generator you use to run your computer-based Psychology experiments the new Black Box ToolKit USB response pad guarantees millisecond accurate response times*

Simply plug in to a USB port on your PC/Mac/Linux system and our response box will appear as a second keyboard. Press a button and a standard keystroke will be sent to your experiment. No need for drivers, no need to recode! Works out of the box with E-Prime, SuperLab, Presentation, Inquisit, PsychoPy or any other software that can accept standard keyboard responses.

Finished in attractive carbon fibre effect plastic our response box houses up to 8 buttons in a range of colours and locations.

Make millisecond accurate response timing in your Psychology experiments one less thing to worry about!

Key Features

Note: You do not need a Black Box ToolKit to use our USB response pad with your experiment as it works just like a standard keyboard.

Additional features

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The Black Box ToolKit:


4/8 button USB response pad

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