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MRI Accesories:

MRI Accessories


High-end audio solution for fMRI


High-quality Headphones and EarPlug, together with the user-friendly Communication Console, give both research and clinical users versatile control over auditory stimulus presentation.



With state-of-the-art electrostatic transducers, the headphones give a superbly detailed sound, replicating even minute details with incredible precision. Designed specifically for fMRI, the superior sound quality and increased noise attenuation provide a more precise audio stimulation to the patient, which yields a more robust BOLD response than traditional pneumatic audio systems.


The EarPlug is an alternative solution to the Headphones to deliver audio stimuli within the MRI environment. Its main objective is to deal with the restrictive space requirements inside the head coils.

Communication Console

With easy, accessible controls, the communication console offers one-way patient communication and full flexibility of audio settings. Thanks to its two input channels, it allows to connect a wide variety of audio devices through 3,5 mm mini jack.

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