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NIRS Products :

Artinis Medical Systems


NIRS devices enable you to monitor oxygen supply in both brain and muscle in a non-invasive, continuous and affordable way. By using Artinis devices it is possible to measure both in the lab and in the field and analyse your data with the easy-to-use analysis software.


A user-friendly, robust and flexible fNIRS system. The OxyMon measure oxy-, deoxy-, and total hemoglobin concentration changes, optionally absolute concentrations and tissue saturation index in both brain and muscle tissue.


Brite23 is a lightweight, user-friendly and plug-and-play device with no set-up time. It works with multichannel LED’s, giving you continuous and real-time feedback in our data analysis software that is delivered with the system. 


One-of-a-kind and truly portable NIRS device. The OctaMon measures oxy-, deoxy- and total hemoglobin in a non-invasive and truly portable way.

OctaMon mini

One-of-a-kind and truly portable NIRS device. The OctaMon mini is optimised for pediatric research. 


A portable cerebral oxygenation monitoring device. The PortaLite based on PortaMon technology and it is ideally suited for measurements in the brain during everyday activity.

PortaLite mini

The PortaLite mini is an easy to use and truly portable oxygenation monotoring device.


The gold-standard research device for the measurement of muscle oxygenation. The PortaMon is mainly used for sports science but could also be used for other areas such as rehabilitation, mitochondrial function and even for urology research.

NIRS EEG package

Measure simultaneously electrical potentials in brain tissue and changes in brain tissue oxygenation and blood volume. The combination of EEG and NIRS offers complementary information about brain function, giving you the ability to measure both neural and hemodynamic activity simultaneously


Oxysoft is a dedicated software application used to collect, store, view, and analyse all necessary data from the Oxymon, OctaMon, PortaMon, and PortaLite. This user-friendly software is developed by Artinis Medical Systems and highly customisable to individual requirements.

NIRS devices: