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SynAmps RT NuAmps


SynAmps RT : Just when you thought nothing could ever top the SynAmps amplifier, NeuroScan is pleased to announce the release of the new generation of this amplifier. New design in a small USB 2.0 interface unit in banks of 64 channels and new features like the inclusion of 2 extra high level non-isolated inputs (for GSR modules for example). Can be expanded to up to 512 channels!

NUAMPS 40 Channel Digital DC EEG Amplifier (USB)

Impressive features in a small low cost 40 channel unit. Two or three Nuamps units can be combined for easy recording from 80 or 120 channels.

SynAmps Wireless

 32 Channel wireless amplifier. Record Wireless to a Host Computer or to an Onboard Flash Card.

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Neuroscan Products

Grael Research  32-channel EEG/ERP Amplifier.

This amplifier can be used in a wide range of applications. From standard ERP research to more advanced recordings where additional parameters such as EMG, ECG etc. are required.

GRAEL Research SynAmps Wireless