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Advanced Brain Monitoring Products :

Advanced Brain Monitoring

For over a decade Advanced Brain Monitoring has been designing and validating novel diagnostic devices and targeted treatment solutions. They specialize in the development of interfaces that can be easily applied by the user without assistance to obtain neuro, cardio, and respiratory signals equivalent to those obtained in a laboratory.


Products & Solutions

Research EEG

Mobile EEG  Systems and Software: Advanced wireless EEG headsets, physiological monitoring systems, and bioelectric signal acquisition and processing software.

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Medical EEG

The Stat X-Series Systems offer healthcare professionals cost-effective and practical solutions for on-call portable EEG in minutes. Every headset features designs that eliminate all wires to enable mobility during recordings, while also avoiding the artifacts and noise typically associated with traditional, wired EEG systems. Standard software and SDK are included to enable new diagnostic/treatment innovations with medical indications of use.

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Sleep Medicine

Sleep Devices for Diagnosis & Treatment of Sleep Disorders.

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