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Here you will find information on the products and services we have for the UK, Ireland and France.

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EEG/EP Research

Source Localization


Stimulus Presentation

Diagnostics Systems for Sleep

Diagnostics Systems for Neurophisiology

Pain Research

Transcranial Doppler (TCD) technology

New Curry 8: Curry Neuroimaging Suite

A comprehensive EEG acquisition, data analysis, source localization and source imaging package.  The CURRY Neuroimaging Suite software is divided into a number of license modules that can stand alone or work together to maximize your labs' flexibility.               

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SynAmps RT amplifier

Dedicated to high-density recordings, SynAmps RT is a 70 Channel amplifier system, consisting of 64 monopolar, 4 bipolar and 2 high-level channels. Each channel has a dedicated 24 bit A-to-D, to ensure the most accurate sampling available.

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SynAmps RT

Somté PSG

Full PSG .... absolutely anywhere

Whether you are looking for a recorder for attended sleep studies, or you wish to perform full polysomnography in an unattended, ambulatory setting, or both, Somte PSG  is the solution you’re looking for - the simplest and most convenient way to meet requirements for full PSG...absolutely anywhere.

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Somté PSG


World's First High-Definition PSG/EEG - only from Compumedics. Over 20 years of experience in designing PSG and EEG amplifiers, including the highly successful E-Series, has culminated in Grael- Compumedics' most technologically advanced amplifier yet, and the worlds's first High Definition PSG amplifier.

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Grael PSG


Feature products:


Rimed is a high-tech and dynamic medical device company, specializing in the development and manufacturing of transcranial Doppler (TCD) systems. Their  products are mainly offered to Neurology departments and Stroke units

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Artinis Medical Systems / NIRS

Artinis Medical Systems has a long history in optical oximetry, in special, near infrared spectroscopy or NIRS.

 Optical oximetry, and near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) in particular, is a tool for assessing of the oxygenation status and hemodynamics of various organs, e.g. muscle and brain.

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Profusion PSG

The most important aspect of any digital sleep system may be the scoring software. Compumedics, in conjunction with sleep professionals worldwide, has developed ProFusion PSG, a high-powered, comprehensive sleep analysis program. ProFusion PSG is designed to give you everything you need: Clarity, Power, Speed, Quality Assurance, and Great Reports.

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Profusion PSG4

Medoc products

Medoc Ltd., is a leading developer and manufacturer of neuro-diagnostic medical systems used to assess and monitor acute and chronic pain. Their products are based on technologies that test and evaluate the function of small…

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Medoc Curry 8 Artinis Medical Systems Rimed


The next generation in Digital Transcranial Doppler Ultrasonography. Digi-Lite™ is a Digital Transcranial Doppler (TCD) System with an advanced and proprietary M-Mode display. The product is based on the latest technology in digital electronics and software design.

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